Roll Roofing Repair and Replacement in  Maryland

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to traditional shingles, roll roofing is a perfect choice. It comes in 100 sqm rolls and has many similarities with asphalt tiles but may be thinner or less durable depending on what type of material it’s made out off.

We at Vanguard General Contracting are the experts in roll roofing for commercial buildings. With over ten years of experience under our belt, we have been able to undertake different projects big and small throughout Maryland which has given us valuable knowledge on how best to handle all your needs whether they be large or small. Whatever type of Python-free carpentry work you need to be done just give us a call so that we can schedule free consultations with our expert team members.

Roll Roofing


Roll roofing is an affordable and easy-to-install material that can be applied on rooftops, shacks, or workshops. The surface has to be prepared by removing debris such as gravel before you apply the rolls because otherwise, it will puncture through the surface of your building’s roofs.

We are an expert commercial and industrial roofing installer in  Maryland with a reputation for quality work. If you’re looking to install roll roofs, give us a call – we’ll be happy to provide consultation services absolutely free.


Installing a new roof involves putting well-cut rolls on your house. The type of roofs that this works best with are those whose slopes aren’t too steep or shallow, so it’s essential to check for yourself before you buy.

We are the top-rated company in Maryland for installing, repairing, or replacing roll roofs. We have been specializing in this for years which means we know what it takes to get things done right. Our team has experience with all types of construction projects – no matter how large your job is can trust us 100%.

Advantages Of Roll Roofing


When you need a roof that won’t break the bank and provides excellent protection, roll roofs are an affordable option. With us as your contractor in  Maryland, we can help guide you through every step of installation for free.

Ideal For Low-Sloped Roofs

To ensure that your roof is suitable for roll, make sure it’s slightly sloped. If not then this type of system will not work well and could lead to leaks or other problems down the line. A correctly pitched roof helps prevent moisture from seeping into walls due to rain splash by catching excess runoff before it falls elsewhere on site but if you have flat surfaces without any natural slope available there isn’t much we can do about preventing water coming through at all levels. We recommend contacting us experts who know what kind would suit your roof best.

Ease Of Application

It’s as easy to install a roofing system in your home as it looks. In just minutes, you can have the job done and enjoy some peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of.

Lightweight, Compact and Durable

When you need a roof that’s durable and lightweight, roll roofs are perfect. These types of materials also come in different colors so they can match any style or color scheme for your building.


We are the best commercial roofing company in Maryland for a reason. We offer top-quality service and give you complete satisfaction with every job we do! Let our licensed, experienced professionals make your building safer by installing new roofs or fixing any problems that may arise. Get in touch with our team of experienced professionals for a free consultation.

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