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Roof leaks, pooling water, and other problems with your home’s roofs can be very inconvenient. Luckily for you, we’re here to make sure that it gets fixed in no time and that it won’t happen again in the future.

Making your home safe and sound is what we do best. If you need residential roof repair in Maryland, count on our team for fast service that gets the job done right at an affordable price. We have highly skilled and qualified residential roofers that are ready to come out as soon as possible.  So don’t hesitate and give us a call today for your free estimate!

Types of Roofs We Repair

  • Flat roof repair
  • Metal roof repair
  • Natural wood or cedar shake roof repair
  • Asphalt shingle roof repair
  • Tile roof repair
  • Slate roof repair

Signs you may need roof repair:

  • Missing, cracked shingles
  • Shingle granules showing your gutter
  • Roof leak
  • Water inside the attic
  • Light peeking through the attic
  • Wall and ceiling stains
  • Sagging rafters
  • Peeling and blistering paint

Common Roofing Problems

Leaky Roofs

You don’t want your house to be damaged by water, so you need a professional repair as soon as possible.

Leaky Flashing, Chimneys, and Pipe Collar

Leaks around flashing, pipe collar or chimney can be a problem for the integrity of your roof. If you notice any cracks in this area contact us today so we may help quickly.

Damaged Shingles

The appearance and strength of your home’s roof are important factors in determining its value. If you notice that some or all the shingles on it appear damaged, loose, or sagging we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our residential roofing contractors in Maryland as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

Fascia Damage

The roof is an important part of your house. When it’s damaged by strong winds or storms, you might have to deal with a fascia detachment from the exterior wall that leads into open areas in between shingles where water can get through easily and cause more damage than before. Our expert team will find these spots so they don’t add any further complications down the line.

Rotting wood

The integrity of our homes is always in danger when there is rot on the roofing material- it could cave or sag causing complete disaster for you. If you have any questions about your home’s stability, contact our professional roofers immediately.

Why Repair Your Roof

It Saves You Money

When you repair your roof before the damage worsens, not only are there fewer costs for repairs but also it saves money.

Improves Air Quality

The damage done by a roof to the quality of air inside your house can cause all sorts of problems, including mold. When you have intact but damaged roofs that allow moisture and humidity then expect issues with ceiling or exterior wall growths like molds which affect the health status of those living there.

To Improve The Aesthetic Appeal

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. It can be seen from a long way off and people will know if it’s been recently repaired or neglected, so making sure that everything looks good on top before renting or selling could increase their appeal for buying an asset worth investing in.

Increase House Value

The roof of your house is one thing that will help determine how much money you can get for it when selling. Repairing your roof can add so much value when you’re looking to sell or rent your house, but if the shingles are in bad shape, buyers/renters might not want it; they’ll just assume there’s something wrong with what else inside too.

Why Choose Vanguard General Contracting To Repair Your Roof?

More Than Ten Years Of Experience

We know that every job is different, which means we have the tools to tackle any challenge. From residential roofs in Maryland all of the way up through commercial buildings-you name it. Our team has been working hard for years now and our expertise shows quality work on structures no matter how large or small they may be.

Quality Materials

We’re committed to only using the highest-quality materials and supplies, which you can be sure are always backed by our 100% satisfaction promise.


We’re the roofing specialists you can count on anytime. We specialize in all types of roofs, and our experts are flexible enough to do whatever it takes for your home. We’re here 24/7 with expert solutions that will work around yours or other obstacles surrounding its location.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We take pride in providing excellent customer service and a quality product. That’s why we keep you up-to-date on every step of your project, from start to finish.


We know that roof is one investment in your home you shouldn’t take lightly. When it comes to roof repairs, an estimate will be provided with free quotes from qualified professionals who are experienced with all types of roofs. No need to worry, let our experts handle any roofing situation you may have so they don’t get worse before it’s too late. Call us today and we’d be glad to help.

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