Vanguard General Contracting at Annapolis Cup Croquet: A Day of Fun and Camaraderie

At Vanguard General Contracting, we believe in fostering a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie among our staff. That’s why we were thrilled to attend the 2024 Annapolis Cup croquet event as a company. It was truly a wonderful experience!

The atmosphere was electric as we joined in the festivities, cheering on the players and soaking in the excitement of the game. Of course, we couldn’t help but root for the Jonnies, who once again emerged victorious in this highly anticipated match.

Our team had a fantastic time bonding over friendly competition and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. It was a mandatory fun event for our entire team, with each member invited to bring along a plus one to share in the fun.

We’re excited to share some highlights from the event, showcasing the spirit of camaraderie and community that defines both Vanguard General Contracting and the Annapolis Cup croquet tradition. Stay tuned for a glimpse into our memorable day at this iconic event!