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Your roofing system is a major investment in your home. It can offer protection, strength, and curb appeal to the exterior of our houses if it has been damaged or old for too long- replacing this important element could make all aspects better.

If you are looking for a trusted and reputable company to complete your roof replacement in Maryland, look no further. Our experts have over ten years of experience and can provide the latest technology for installing new roofs today. Contact us now so we may schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled team members who will come out right away for a consultation at no cost or obligation.

How to know if you need a new roof?

Knowing when to replace your roof is a bit tricky, it’s also a big decision to make. But there are signs that it’s time to invest in a new roof. If the damage from storms or other weather events has become too much for what little protection they provide against further destruction, or their age becomes too obvious. You might not recognize this as an issue for a while not until after one really bad weather such as storms or heavy snowfall that it’s too late to fix it.

To help you make the right decision, here are some of the reasons why you may need to replace your roof.

  • The roof or its warranty has expired
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Shingling curled or buckled
  • “Bald” shingles
  • Flashing is worn or damaged
  • Cracks in the roof sheathing, allow water or light to leak through
  • Mold growing on extensive areas of your roof
  • Roof leaks
  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage
  • Storm damage
  • Granule loss

Types of Roof Replacement We Offer

These are the Roof Replacement Services that we offer:

  • Asphalt shingle roof replacement
  • Metal roof replacement
  • Slate roof replacement
  • Tile roof replacement
  • Flat roof replacement
  • Commercial roof replacement


The benefits of roof replacement far outweigh the costs. Here are some of the advantages where you’d be glad you replaced your roof:

Improves Curb Appeal

Maintaining an appealing home is important for many homeowners. So replacing your roof can improve its aesthetics, make it look more beautiful, and stand out from the crowd.

Increased Home Value

House improvement is an important part of any home’s value. Buyers will pay more for a house with a new roof than one that hasn’t been updated in years.

Better Insurance Premiums

When you replace your roof, not only do the benefits of a modern installation come into play but so do insurance rates. For example, if we were to substitute an old type or style with one that is more efficient and environmentally friendly roofs then typically people could start paying 5% – 20% less in premiums on average.

Worry-Free From Every Severe Type of Weather

With a new roof, you can finally stop worrying about storms and evaluate your home’s condition without fear. Plus with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it has been replaced due to an issue within its manufacturing process rather than being caused by outside forces like weather or natural disaster; this should make life at least half as comfortable.

You Save On Energy Cost

In today’s world, it is important to have a roof that will last as long and provide the necessary protection for your home. When you invest in quality materials with an energy-efficient modern design – not only do they cost less than traditional performing brands but also help save on monthly power bills by reducing heat transfer into homes through ventilation systems.


Extensive Years Of Experience

With over a decade of experience in the industry, our team has worked on every type of project across Maryland. We know what it takes for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction so your roof will be Problem-Free!

Quality Materials

We at Vanguard General Contracting were best known for only working with the best materials and we never cut corners. We know how important it is to provide you, our customers, with a high-quality service that meets all of your needs.


Our roofing experts are the most dependable in this field. We can adapt to different installation techniques depending on what material you choose for your home and are always available, 24/7.

Customer Service

We want to make sure that your expectations are met and exceeded. With that, we made sure to have an open communication policy with you from the start of a project through the end until you are satisfied.

Safety First

You can count on us to do a quality job. We are licensed, insured, and bonded – so you know your home’s safety is assured when we work at it.


However big or small your problem is, Vanguard General Contracting will be here for you. With years of experience providing top-notch services to Maryland homeowners and commercial buildings alike – our workmanship speaks volumes. So if it’s time to get a new roof, call us today for your free estimate.

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